SHAWN LAMB – Master Manipulator

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The case of alleged serial killer Shawn Lamb has taken on a life of its own.

Shawn Lamb, alleged serial killer now turned “media whore” with awareness issues.

Lamb recently started a media feeding frenzy with suggestions the Police have been ignoring his generous offer to provide information that could lead to the resolution of up to five (5) more murder cases. The story dominated every major news media outlet and created a buzz like nothing we’ve recently experienced here in murder City.

Interview after interview, Mike McIntyre (WFP), Caroline Barghout (CTV), Shaneen Robinson (APTN) and Lorraine Nickel (Global) to name but a few.

In a not so surprising twist of events, Lamb quickly disavowed himself from the true nature of the report originally splashed in the press by Mike McIntyre.

“I’m not saying I had anything to do with these five.  I’m saying I have information.  I’m denying any involvement with anything,” he said.

If credibility was currency, Shawn Lamb wouldn’t have enough cash to make a phone call.

Crime reporters beware.

Reporting on Lamb comes with a certain degree of risk.

Risk associated to giving a voice to an alleged serial killer who may have significant mental health issues or whose true intent may be self-serving or complex beyond your ability to comprehend.

Risk associated to your reputation after being called a liar by an alleged serial killer who took you for a ride on his emotional roller coaster, speeding down the tracks of ownership & responsibility only to take a sudden unexpected left turn at criminal culpability.

Risk associated to gratifying the needs of a killer who may get off on his ability to use the media to re-victimize surviving family members by playing mind games and elevating their levels of anxiety.

Risk associated to becoming compellable witnesses in a trial where you may be required to provide testimony regarding Lambs credibility.  Your evidence may assist the defence in persuading jurors that any word that comes from Lambs mouth simply cannot be trusted.  That conclusion could significantly degrade the weight a jury might be willing to place on Lamb’s Police confession.

Crime reporters beware.

Take good notes, retain them and prepare to use them once your subpoena arrives.  Mr Martin Glazer BA, LLB is a very skilled and relentless defense attorney who is well-known for using the “shotgun approach” in the defense of his clients.  Trust me, everything will be an issue.

Crime reporters beware.

Any contact with Shawn Lamb is an invitation to play Russian Roulette.

Crime reporters beware.

Sensational news media reports can and likely will have an impact on Lambs trial.  From contaminating the jury pool, to influencing jury selection, to questions regarding the accused’s mental health and credibility. Your reporting may have an impact on all these things.

These are the very reasons why I’ve respectfully declined a plethora of interview requests from a variety of news media outlets.  I‘m simply not interested in dissecting the investigation or trying to get into the mind of the killer.  I have no interest in contaminating the jury pool or helping the defense.

The issue tackled in my post “Serial Killer Meltdown” strictly related to events concerning the WPS Executives unethical manipulation of the 2011 transfer process and their inability to separate ego from responsible business decisions.

Ill considered, poorly executed “business decisions” that significantly reduced the supervisory experience quotient in the Homicide Unit.

It was the experience quotient that was missing when Shawn Lamb originally reached out to the Police to allegedly clear his conscience regarding the murders of several additional women.  By the time someone had the courage to make a decision, Lamb apparently cooled off.

It’s conceivable that all the recent media fodder could have been avoided if Lambs original request to speak to investigators could have been handled in a much more expeditious manner.

Ultimately, if Shawn Lamb truly wanted to cooperate with the Police he would have already done so.  My experience in law enforcement taught me that telling the truth is the most uncomplicated thing any one of us can ever do.  “The truth is the truth, and the truth never changes.”

The only thing that complicates the truth is manipulation, deception and prevarication.  All highly skilled elements of the Shawn Lamb skill set.

It’s abundantly clear that Lamb has now entered into the world of denial and mind games.  These are games that can only benefit one player, Shawn Lamb.

Crime reporters tread cautiously.

My advice to the family of the murdered or missing; don’t pin any hopes of “closure” on the rantings of an alleged serial killer who is clearly playing mind games with the media and law enforcement.

In a case that is sure to be high-profile, hotly contested & controversial, it’s my hope the Police are sitting on some dynamite DNA evidence that will help take the guess-work out of the juries onerous decision.

In the mean time, I hope Shawn Lamb takes Mr Glazers advice and has a big cup of “shut the —- up!”


5 comments on “SHAWN LAMB – Master Manipulator

  1. North by Northwest says:

    Good advice for Caroline Barghout in particular. She seems to be desparetly trying to regain credibility as a professional, after being known as “CTV Winnipeg’s Giggle Girl” due to her previous madcap anchoring the late night newscast.

    Caroline’s credibility as a professional would take a further hit for thoughtless reporting on the nonsense that Lamb spews.

    Good post, good advice for all budding journalists!

    • jamesgjewell says:

      I recently had a lengthy discussion with Caroline regarding Lamb and was left with the impression that she’s making a significant effort to try and report the story with integrity and sensitivity…..

      Like I said in the post….any invitation to speak with Lamb comes with a certain degree of jeopardy…

      Thanks for reading…..much appreciated.

    • McLeod says:

      Since when does laughing and having a good time, ruin ones’ credibility? CB is a dedicated, intelligent and trustworthy person. I worked with her over the years as a colleague, and was never burned. Not once. She’s no sensationalist, either. Like Marty said: She was the first and only journalist to challenge LIAR BOY.

  2. Marty Gold says:

    A great post — however the comment by NxNW regarding Caroline is a cheap shot.

    She’s earned her spurs and no one considers her former late night displays of *GASP* actual personality, with a diminishment of her credibility through the serious and thorough news reports she files.

    Caroline was the first to challenge Evan Maud while others reported his bizarre allegations without a moments thought about why his version of events changed from interview to interview.

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