About This Blog – The Power of Words!!!

Arrest of trafficker and customer after observing drug deal in Downtown Winnipeg.  (Circa 1990)

As a recently retired Police Officer I have been tremendously enjoying the novelty of being able to have an opinion that can be shared in a public forum.

After twenty five (25) years of silence, I now have a voice and intend to use it.

Over the last two and a half decades I have seen much.  I have witnessed miscarriages of Justice, horrific crimes and great triumphs.

I am keenly interested in “Justice” related issues, specifically Crime & Punishment and Law & Order.

I am not afraid to talk about taboo issues and share my thoughts and opinions.  The opinions expressed in this blog are mine, and mine alone.  I will do my very best to publish accurate, thought provoking and interesting articles with “reality” and “truth” being my primary considerations.

I love to write and am fascinated by the Power of Words.

I hope to educate, motivate, inspire and move my readers.

I appreciate the fact that you have taken time out of your day to read my stories!!!

Since I started blogging in August 2012 I have been amazed by the number of views recorded on my site.

These views have originated from Canada and literally all over the World.

Thank-you so much for reading…..

Life is a great ride, drivers wanted!

12 comments on “About This Blog – The Power of Words!!!

  1. Marty says:

    Awesome. Some integrity for a change. I am originally from Toronto and my first impressions of Winnipeg weren’t good. What I found most disturbing was tha lack of community. That only points to bad leadership and for a city like Winnipeg to be this wrapped up in it, its been that way for a long time. Listening to friends describe a city which would fit the template of a Death Wish movie, and then hearing nothing in the news points to a bad mix of selective journalism and civilian apathy towards the police, in that they won’t report the crimes either in fear, or that they feel nothing will be done. I am sorry, but at the levels I see and hear it. It must have been this way for some time. I am by no means a model citizen, but even I can see it is like night and day from Toronto here. I am confident enough in Toronto to walk down Queen street at 3 am by myself, done it many times after striking out, but I would think twice about it in the peg. I can offer one piece of advice to whomever cares. Allow ALL stores to open 24/7 if they choose. The bustle of 24/7 activity is actually a deterrent for crime, espcially down the pub crawl, and a source of revenue for the city. Winnipeg, (politicians who actually CARE) be proud of your night life. The rest of the world is, and Winnipeg might actually become a bit safer for it. Also, restaurant owners will laud you for bringing all kinds of drunken patrons munching out at 3 am. Trust me… If you want to take back the night, you have to actually take back the night… go figure!

    • jamesgjewell says:

      Thanks very much for reading my blog…….very interesting comments…….appreciate the fact that you took the time to weigh in on the debate……

      • Marty says:

        Not a problem. My last job let me get a chance to visit several major cities across Canada, and I Just call it as I see it. Community is key here, and theres little of it in Winnipeg. The city can learn a lot from other cities. Whatever problem Winnipeg is having, odds are there’s another city out there thats been there done that.

  2. Jodi says:

    I will share your blog with other Winnipeg bloggers and friends. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. It is very unfortunate that you had to retire. You were very much one of the good ones that should have been the chief.

  4. Your article in the Free Press about the traffic ticket abuse is spot on. I love to see the truth stick its head out even though the general public still doesn’t seem to get it. One issue not mentioned is the signing. Winnipeg is known for having the worst speed signing in the country. The biggest problem in an endless list is that we are the only city that doesn’t place our speed signs on both sides of a divided road which is why the police love enforcing after speed reductions where the median traffic often doesn’t see the sign. I don’t get how someone sworn to protect the public can in good conscience ticket people a day’s or more wages to drivers who got tricked by the city. Many people can’t afford this and it is a serious hardship on many families. As you touched on, Manitoba also has the highest speeding fines in the country by about 2X and up to 10X compared to some provinces. I’ve spoken to other police services who have stated that when they identify a problem speed area, they speak with traffic engineering to request improvements. Some even have regular meetings to discuss problems such as signing. In response to the fact that Halifax police frequently meet with traffic engineering an office said, “Kudos to Halifax, but we’re not Halifax.” Here in Winnipeg, the police claim signs have nothing to do with them and it isn’t their job to communicate with Public Works. In fact, I later found out through FIPPA that the police have been in communication regarding removal of signs. It is a disgrace. One last note is that I recognize the officer pictured in the FP. He was enforcing the reduced (100-90 km/h) speed on Brookside almost everyday during the summer of 2011 while the 90 ahead sign was lying in a swamp. Public Works refused for a four month period to replace the sign saying that they were too busy with the Chief Peguis Trail construction to fix missing signs. When I stopped and tried to tell that officer that the sign was missing (as if he didn’t know), he put his hand in my face and said he wasn’t interested and told me to move on. I don’t know how people like that sleep at night.

    • jamesgjewell says:

      Thank you very much for your comments….

      I intentionally left the issue related to signage out of the story because it is covered quite well by the W5 report.

      Judging by the comment section in the WFP you are correct when you indicate that the “general public doesn’t seem to get it.”

      The central issue seems to be lost on most of the commenters who primarily focus blame on people who commit traffic violations. They don’t seem to be bothered by the word game deception or the evolution of Policing into the world of revenue generating enforcement.

      Thanks for reading.

  5. Tom Tonner says:

    Busted, southbound on McPhillips for not turning right at Inkster last Saturday AM along with many other motorists. I watched a policeman with a fistful of pink summons’ in my rear view mirror handing them to drivers behind me and in front of me. Unfortunately he also stopped to give one to me.
    The issue with me is one of safety; for the police, as well as for those in the vehicles being flagged down. The cruiser door was opened into traffic and drivers who swerved to avoid hitting the door/policeman almost hit the cars on their left. Also; if safety is the reason for this enforcement action on criminals such as yours truly, why did the officers approach the vehicles on the busy drivers side. Passenger side doors and windows work just fine, reducing chance of injury.
    Your article published in Sunday’s Free Press prompted this note. I have a question for you. Is there a way to connect with the motorists who received this summons on or about 10:50 AM Saturday, Feb. 2nd, 2013? I suspect they would also like to register their concerns. If they work and cannot afford time off for financial reasons, I would be happy to be their ambassador in front of a Magistrate. I am retired and have the time to try to make a case for better policing.

    Thank you


    • jamesgjewell says:

      The options for finding other motorists who suffered the same fate are limited…

      I doubt the Police would willing provide the information you are seeking.

      You could try and make a FIPPA request.

      Short of that you could take out an add in the WFP or the Sun and see what kind of result you might get.

      Good luck.

  6. Mike Lagace says:


    Are you interested in doing radio? Mike McIntyre has a nice program on weekends on CJOB but I believe you have more to offer.


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